Old and New

Old and New 001AIn the front is Fort Conde and behind is the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Mobile, AL. These two structures represent the cultural changes in the city over almost 300 years.

The stone Fort Conde, originally built by the French in 1723, protected the city until 1820. The fort had three names; however, occupied by four different countries. The fort’s names were:

  • Fort Conde – built and occupied by French troops 1723-1763
  • Fort Charlotte – occupied by British troops 1763-1780
  • Fort Carlota  - occupied by Spanish troops 1780-1813
  • Fort Charlotte (again) – occupied by United States 1813-1820 (abandoned)

The Renaissance Hotel built in 1986  and open today.

More information about Fort Conde.

Very Old Oak Tree

Oldest Tree

This is the base of the oldest Live Oak Tree in Mobile, Alabama. The tree is over 300 years old and planted around 1705.

The tree’s circumference is about 31 feet (9.5 meters) about four feet  (1.2 meters) above the ground. It’s height is about 48 feet (15 meters) and it’s limb spread is 126 feet (38 meters).

This historic tree was originally known as the Seven Sisters Oak, due to it’s seven large limbs. Each of these limbs are larger in diameter than most Live Oak Trees in the city. The tree was later renamed for former mayor of Mobile George A. Duffie, who lived nearby. The tree is located at 1127 Caroline Ave.

Another photo:

Oldest Tree 002A

What was happening in Mobile, AL about the time the tree was planted:

1702 – Fort Louis de la Mobile founded by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville of Montreal and declared the capital of French Louisiana.

1722 - French Louisiana capital relocated from Mobile to New Orleans.