Red Asian Bridge Reflection

Captured this image in the Asian section of Bellingrath Gardens and Home, Mobile, AL.






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83 thoughts on “Red Asian Bridge Reflection

  1. Cool! That’s known as a traditional Japanese “moon bridge.” In a formal garden design the bridge is placed so its reflection is seen when the water is still, creating a full circle between bridge and reflection, a reference to the shape of the full moon.

  2. WOW! Amazing photography…you have a real gift!
    Thank you for “liking” my post…I hope others will stop by and nominate their local library to win a copy of Show Me How by leaving me a comment telling why their library should be one of the 25 winners at the end of April.

  3. I kept thinking about this photo..
    I hope you don’t mind…I wrote something..
    (you can always delete it)

    a refection of above within below

    bridge of passion’s red so we know

    the circle goes on, above and under

    rolling in stillness like thunder

    trees of green surround blue skies on water

    reflection holds both together like a pin of cotter

    five short steps up and over,

    five steps down to fields of clover

    turn around in the light at noon

    by night walk up to the moon

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